Ideas for Walking Holidays

I hope to inspire you to walking weekends away and holidays... both here and abroad.


  1. Have you considered making this like a blog where you have guest posts on different topics relating to walking holidays - but obviously not posts by commercial companies. The Independent Hostels website does something along these lines. Some individuals have lots of experience in organising trips away (on a voluntary basis) for walking clubs, and may be interested in contributing. The posts could be on topics such as the practicalities of organising a group trip, where and when to go, experiences of group trips in different places etc etc. For example, my walking/cycling group (Central London Outdoor Group, has around 20 to 30 trips away every year.

  2. Talking about Walking Holidays. Why not plan to Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Pembrokeshire, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, America, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Hawaii, China, Japan, Nepal, Australia or New Zealand.